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Vesper (2022)


This science fiction film, shot independently away from the major Hollywood studios, offers a unique perspective on the genre. Vesper Chronicles was shot in Lithuania, despite being shot in English with British actors, because director and screenwriter Kristina Buoyt is Lithuanian. It is no longer a question of copying what is done elsewhere, but of bringing together current environmental concerns to create a science fiction film with a very specific feminist touch and a young protagonist who strives to fight against male iniquitous characters, particularly as portrayed with subtlety and effectiveness by Eddie Marsan.

The plant world receives a lot of attention, both in the settings and in the plot, because the protagonist becomes an ally of it. The costumes are as surprising as they are original, with the filmmakers paying close attention to them. As a result, there is no need for green screens to bring out the post-apocalyptic world, which is as credible as the themes addressed as the characters’ attitudes. The story progresses with sobriety around a few key issues for the heroine, whose personal journey leads her to emancipate herself while also exposing her to the political reality of a world divided between privileged people in their high-tech citadel and the rest. A personal and unique post-apocalyptic narrative experience.¬†Watch more Lookmovie free online for streaming unlimited here.

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Title: Vesper (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directors: Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper
Writer: Kristina Buozyte, Brian Clark, Bruno Samper
Stars: Raffiella Chapman, Eddie Marsan, Rosy McEwen

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