Fortress: Sniper’s Eye (2022)

Watch Fortress: Sniper’s Eye 2022 LookMovie film in HD rip for free of cost within a click. Sniper’s Eye constantly feels like it’s a film treading water and its 97 minutes length hardly helps matters because some of that is simply action-filled flashbacks from the first movie. It was expected that Bruce Willis wouldn’t do much and for much of the film, he’s tied up in a chair. Fair enough.

Yet, when the assault on the complex finally kicks in – “deja vu, Robert? – it’s never as entertaining despite Chad Michael Murray having obvious fun again as the villain. We can only hope the third part of the trilogy is better but based on this one things don’t bode well. Watch more LookMovie ag free online for streaming.

Fortress: Sniper’s Eye Movie Free Online

Title: Fortress: Sniper’s Eye (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action
Directors: Josh Sternfeld
Writer: Randall Emmett, Emile Hirsch, Alan Horsnail
Stars: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Jesse Metcalfe

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