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Deadstream (2022)


The absurd redemption tale of Shawn, a failed youtuber who tries to reappear after the cancellation, the loss of sponsors, and the demonetization of his videos, is the subject of the film directed by the husband-and-wife team Vanessa and Joseph Winter. He comes up with a plan to change his image in response to the channel’s poor progress programming: confront his fear of ghosts. In order to do this, he arms himself with numerous cameras and a homemade kit made by his mother before hiding out in an empty, well-known haunted house in the middle of nowhere. He obviously takes every precaution to ensure that he cannot leave the location.

Deadstream is nimble in fusing the numerous images from Shawn’s cell phone with others he takes and spreads around the house, some files selected by the youtuber to contextualise the story, and even videos sent by the spectators. It is delectably entertaining but never lets up on the tension. The dynamic, which still includes chat interventions and covert conversations with viewers, adds a frenetic tone and heightens the humour, which is superbly supported by actor Joseph Winter. We are literally glued to his forehead, so between the silly and the weird, his character has inspired moments that can be followed very closely. Watch more Lookmovie Horror Movies full free streaming online within a click.

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Title: Deadstream (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Comedy, Horror
Directors: Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter
Writer: Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter
Stars: Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone, Jason K. Wixom

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